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Caregiving is a noble vocation that is profitable with jobs readily available all around us. As sisters, we are natural caregivers, however some are more caring and passionate than others. Many of us are already doing this for free but unknown to us, there’s money to be made if we do it properly. This write up is to open our eyes to see the inherent opportunity in Caregiving and assist as many as would be interested in pursuing this career path. The beautiful thing is that  opportunities abound both locally and internationally.
In developed countries however, it has been packaged as a profession or vocation that employs millions of people annually and we now have the same opportunity to become professional caregivers in Nigeria as well.


This is the provision of assistance and support to persons who are dependent on others for certain activities of daily living as a result of illnesses, extremes of age (the very young and the very old) and certain disabilities. Activities of daily living (ADLS) are routine activities that people tend to do every day without needing assistance, also called self care activities. They include bathing, eating, dressing, https://www.canadianpharmacy360.net. The job of the caregiver is to assist these individuals with their ADLS and IADLS. Caregiving is traditionally done by family members and friends but due to the fact that most children now live very far from their parents and run very busy schedules, the demand for paid care experts has increased both in Nigeria and internationally.
Many of these ‘care” activities require special skills because we are dealing with a special group of individuals. For example, the elderly require specialized skills to effectively take care of them.


A professional caregiver is a person that has been trained and certified to provide care for dependent persons like those recovering from sicknesses, the very young, the very old and the physically challenged. This person would have passed through a vocational training school to acquire the required skills for the job. It is a well established profession and industry abroad with many of our relatives and friends abroad being gainfully employed in the sector. In Nigeria, it is an emerging industry and many people are already gainfully employed.


  • The person MUST have a passion for nursing Old and Sick people
  • Must be ready to change mindset from working in an office/ shop to homecare setting.
  • Must be able to work alone, take initiative, and act promptly in an emergency situation
  • Must be smart and be able to sometimes preempt a client’s need and act on it
  • Must be very patient, reliable and committed
  • Must have integrity
  • Must be able to communicate well
  • Must be reasonably fit
  • Ability to read and write is an added advantage.


You have the opportunity to enroll in our training school for caregivers, called Nightingale’s Caregivers’ Academy (NCA). Here, you will be taught the rudiments of Caregiving and how to provide care professionally and also become an entrepreneur. It is a vocational study and the acquired skills are required all over the world.
We use international training modules for all our courses and there is also an opportunity to become a City and Guilds certified Caregiver. This will give you the opportunity to practice outside the country as a caregiver. City and Guilds is a UK vocational training organization  that has been in existence for several years. We currently have the license to provide both Diploma and Specialist Diploma training in Health and Social care.
A trained caregiver can decide to stand alone and build his or her own business or work for already existing care giving companies like WELLCARE HOME MEDICALS.
This is an opportunity that many do not know about yet but it is a massive industry that will feed millions of people in the nearest future.
Instead of lamenting that there’s no job, the economy is bad…you can become a caregiver, irrespective of your educational qualifications. We have bachelors and masters degree holders working as caregivers and loving it. You don’t necessarily need a startup capital, make up your mind today to be a blessing to someone in need and you will be happy you did.
After all, don’t we all CARE? Thank you