Nursing Services

Nursing Services

This service is provided by Registered Nurses who are specially trained in domiciliary (home-based) care for those who require on-going medical care upon their discharge from the hospital.

The Registered Nurse provide care for:

  • Persons with chronic illnesses like Diabetes, Hypertension, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor-Neuron Diseases, Stroke, etc 
  • Patients going home after major hospitalization and/or surgery for example knee/hip replacement, brain tumours, organ transplant etc

The nurses perform the following duties​

  • Regularly monitor the vital signs of the client and be alert to any change in condition so as to act promptly and make necessary intervention
  • Administer prescribed medication; observe desired effect, adverse reactions and side effects
  • Assist with all Activities of Daily Living (ADL) like feeding, bathing, toileting, moving & handling
  • They provide companionship and all other activities geared towards ensuring clients’ comfort and dignity of life.

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