Frequently Asked Questions

What is homecare?

* A. Provision of support/care to the client at home. This could be medical or non medical.

Is WELLCARE an alternative to hospital care?

* A. No! We do not manage acute cases. Our target clients are: Old people, chronically ill, terminally ill and rehabilitating clients.

Q. Who are Caregivers?

* A. These are the people sent to the homes of our client to render services unto them. They have been well trained and they know to raise alarm when necessary.

Do you do child care?

* A. No.

Q. If my father is being managed by WELLCARE and requires hospital admission ,can you be of assistance if I’m not around?

* A. Yes but it depends on the agreement signed with the company.

Q. Do you have a residential/nursing home?

* A. Not yet. We care for the clients in their own homes.

Q. What about my personal doctor?

* A. WELLCARE does not take over a client’s medical management. We work with the client’s primary doctor to provide optimal care.

Q. What if I don’t like the Caregiver?

* A. The person will be replaced.

Q. What is the procedure for engaging your services?

* A. Once we’ve been contacted, we will do an assessment of the client and home especially for those requiring rehabilitative care. The information gathered will enable us draw a comprehensive plan for the care and suggest possible changes required in the home to make the client comfortable.

Q. What are your fees like?

* A. Very affordable. The kind of service required will determine what is to be paid since the services are personalized.

Q. Do you go outside Lagos?

* A. Yes. We have clients outside Lagos.

Q. What is Hospice Care?

* A. Another word for this is Palliative Care. This is a holistic approach to the care of the terminally ill. It strives to reduce the severity of disease symptoms and suffering therefore improving the quality of life of these set of people. It involves the provision of medical, spiritual, psychological and family support